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UPDATE / Tina and Her Pony at The Royale

I just wanted to update everyone. I'm still doing interviews, and have just been on hiatus. They will be few and far between though. Feel free to reach out at . Tina and Her Pony, a great Americana/Folk band based in Asheville, NC, will be in Bisbee on July 18th, at the Royale. I'll be sitting down with them most likely to do a long-form interview to talk about Asheville and what they've been up to since I last saw them, which was when I opened up for Tina and Her Pony in Phoenix years back, while I was still playing under the name Ancillary Atoms. So, make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss the interview once I drop it. Here is a video and some links. Tina and Her Pony July 18th @ The Bisbee Royale