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Flames of Durga

Here is my interview with the band Flames of Durga, who recently came through Bisbee. It was recorded late at night after drunkenly stumbling around Bisbee to get to the KBRP studio. Thanks to KBRP for letting us use their equipment last minute, and thanks to the Flames of Durga for coming to Bisbee for the Joans of Rock concert! Flames of Durga

Scott Warren Found Not-Guilty

I just wanted to give an update about the Scott Warren trial. Last month, he was found not-guilty of all charges against him. This write up by Time Magazine (link below) reminds us however, that there has been an increase of interrogation of aid workers and also journalists under the current administration. Scott Warren's verdict is an important one, but does not signify the end of close surveillance and interrogation, even possibly harassment, of those who are trying to prevent deaths in the desert. Humanitarian Scott Warren Found Not Guilty After Retrial for Helping Migrants at Mexican Border

RERELEASE Jean Caffeine

Jean Caffeine is coming back to Bisbee December 15, at the Bisbee Grand, to promote her new EP "Love. What is it?". Her set will be from about 2-5 in the afternoon, so go grab some beers and pick up a copy of her new EP. Jean Caffeine Where: Bisbee Grand, 61 Main St. Bisbee When: December 15, 2019 from 2-5pm

Flames of Durga - October 19th, 2019 (Joans of Rock)

I will be sitting down with Flames of Durga from LA next month, who will be part of the Joans of Rock all-day event at The Quarry, showcasing women in rock. It'll be a busy day in Bisbee! Once you're bored of watching sweaty people climb stairs, stop by The Quarry. Joans of Rock - October 19th - The Quarry Flames of Durga

Camelarosa Fest - Agua Prieta, Sonora - 25th y 26th de Octubre - 2019

Camelarosa Fest - Agua Prieta, Sonora - 25th y 26th de Octubre - 2019 Voy a tener una entrevista con La Última Barricada en Octubre. Vamos a hablar de su nuevo grabación, "El Muro de la Muerte". Aquí están las letras, en español y inglés: Español: Alrededor solo hay desgracias, hambre!, miseria! y asesinos en tu puerta El miedo se apodera buscas una salida, huyes!, gritas! Y vas a la frontera Buscando una mejor manera de vivir, sufres!, lloras! Cruzando la frontera Te encuentras un gran muro que divide tu vida, muros que apestan! Y destruyen nuestras vidas! Coro: Muros de mierda! Si cruzas te van asesinar La migra violenta! Te va a deportar Pasaron los años y nos has visto tu familia, lloran!, sufren!, no encuentran una salida Vives entre sombras por temor a la migra, te escondes!, lloras!, sin ver a tu familia Por un pedazo de pan arriesgaste tu vida, tu patria!, tu país!, no te dieron otra salida Te encuentras un gran muro que divide tu vida, muros que ap

Ron Wolfwalker

Ron Wolfwalker is a writer relatively new to Bisbee. Before he lived in Arizona, he had himself all over the country, originally growing up on reservation land in southern Florida. Many of his fans know his sci fi series, 'Teep', as well as his more recent 'Death God' Series. He writes science fiction and urban fantasy with gay lead characters... he fits right in here in Bisbee! Ron Wolfwalker Ebooks Ron Wolfwalker Paperback

No More Deaths - Media Coordinator

I headed up to Tucson this week to sit down with the media coordinator for the organization No More Deaths. You can find more information at the links below. We talked about the history of the organization, humanitarian aid and border issues in general, and discussed in length the landmark Dr. Scott Warren court case. His second trial will be later this year, and the organization is trying to mobilize people from all over to come to Tucson ahead of the trial, for the months of September, October and November. Volunteers will receive shelter, food, and transportation around Tucson. More information can be found at the No More Deaths website below. Ellos necesitan personas que pueden hablar español para trabajar como voluntarios; hablantes nativos y personas bilingües. El sitio de No Más Muertes tiene un versión en español. No More Deaths The Intercept @bisbee_live

Doug Hocking

Bisbee Live is back with an interview of local historian and writer Doug Hocking. You can find out more about Doug by visiting His books include Tom Jeffords: Friend of Cochise; Massacre at Point of Rocks; Mystery of Chaco Canyon; Wildest West; Devil on the Loose and Terror on the Santa Fe Trail: Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache. His recent book, Black Legend: George Bascom, Cochise, and the Start of the Apache Wars has been chosen as a finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award. Bisbee Live is now on Spotify! Make sure to follow the podcast there, or wherever you get podcasts. How Americans Preserved British English Bisbee Live on Spotify

UPDATE / Tina and Her Pony at The Royale

I just wanted to update everyone. I'm still doing interviews, and have just been on hiatus. They will be few and far between though. Feel free to reach out at . Tina and Her Pony, a great Americana/Folk band based in Asheville, NC, will be in Bisbee on July 18th, at the Royale. I'll be sitting down with them most likely to do a long-form interview to talk about Asheville and what they've been up to since I last saw them, which was when I opened up for Tina and Her Pony in Phoenix years back, while I was still playing under the name Ancillary Atoms. So, make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss the interview once I drop it. Here is a video and some links. Tina and Her Pony July 18th @ The Bisbee Royale