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Abdi Nor Iftin and Mama Malyun

I am finally releasing my interview with author Abdi Nor Iftin. If you've been following my podcast and blog posts, this man needs no introduction. We sat down at the Bisbeens and Rice space in Bisbee, to talk about his experiences growing up in Somalia, and about his new book. Included as well, is an interview with Mama Malyun, a celebrity within the Somali community, who we were able to sit down with in the Phoenix area. She is an outspoken women's rights activist and feminist, now living in the States. Included on the blog is the video that Abdi did for Mama Malyun's YouTube show. I've also included links to an organization that helps women find their voice in Somalia, including links to where you can find Abdi's book, Call Me American. Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development (GECPD) Abdi Nor Iftin - Call Me American Mama Malyun's YouTube Channel  (discontinued - email me for reasons why and how you can help)