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Dee and Jeff Foote / Uptown 3 Theatre

Jeff and Dee Foote, the owners of the Uptown 3 Theatre in Sierra Vista were kind enough to chat with me about their upcoming screening of Bisbee 17, the documentary about the Bisbee deportation of 1917. The documentary is having its theatrical release in September (2018), and the Uptown 3 is screening the film, starting September 14th. We talk about much more than Bisbee 17, so give a listen! Bisbee 17 Uptown 3 Theatre PODCAST LINK

Music Showcase - May through July - 2018

Thanks everyone for supporting the show so far. I'm going to release the tracks I have recorded, back to back, from different artists who have come to sit down with me. I'll put the track order here, and will announce the artists and song titles at the beginning of the show. Also, thank you everyone who has contributed to the GoFundMe page, to cover the costs of Abdi's book tour here in Southern Arizona. I've almost reached my goal! I just need another little push from the community, and friends and family. I'll post a link to that GoFundMe page here on the blog. NOTE: The Leigh Lesho recordings were done at the KBRP studio in downtown Bisbee, Arizona. 1. Leigh Lesho - Shadowside 2. Leigh Lesho - The River 3. Katie Haverly - The Ruins 4. Katie Haverly - A Bigger Heart 5. Dan Simonis - The Cowboy Song 6. Dan Simonis - Defiance County 7. Nathan Hinojosa - Alien Nate 8. David Butler - Keep Your Dreams Alive 9. Birds and Arrows - Edgewood 10. Birds a

Abdi Nor Iftin - Call Me American - Chapter 4 - Passage

Here is another passage from Abdi Nor Iftin's book, Call Me American. I thought this section of chapter 4 was particularly interesting, as it is the start of his journey into a fascination with American culture. Once again, he will be promoting his book here in Arizona. Full info: - September 7th, 2018 - Tucson - Barnes and Noble (West) - 7325 N. LaCholla Blvd - 1:00pm - 3:00pm - September 8th, 2018 - Bisbee - Bisbeens N Rice - 24 Main Street - 2:00pm - 4:00pm Bisbeens N Rice Bisbee Books and Music Full Resolution Flyer GoFundMe PODCAST LINK