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The Blues Wizard

  Today's interview is with Keith Kifer, 'The Blues Wizard'. He came to Bisbee a few years ago and has been filling our little town with the sounds of his custom made 'found object' instruments ever since. He creates instruments out of objects, like hubcaps and gas tanks, and let's not forget suitcases! Growing up in California, we talk about how that impacted his interpretation of the blues, authenticity, and how he found acceptance in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a town steeped in Delta blues history. On the page are some links and a video he filmed here in Bisbee, with other local musicians. Lunatic Fringe Luthiery The Legend of the Blues Wizard

Abdi Nor Iftin - Call Me American - Chapter 1 - Passage

I've been enjoying the monsoon rains here. My ocotillos are looking thick and beautiful. The creosote bushes are pungent and keep me up at night, simply because I don't want to stop smelling them! I'm sure in my dream state I have incorporated the smell as well, though. It doesn't last long here in the desert, and I'm soaking it in. All of this to say that I have no interview this week. If I could interview the ocotillos and creosote bushes, I would. Here is a passage from Abdi Nor Iftin's book, Call Me American. I'm posting the flyer here as well, for his upcoming book tour dates here in Southern Arizona. I pose a question at the end of this short episode. Maybe you can send me your thoughts, at Bisbeens N Rice Bisbee Books and Music Full Resolution Flyer GoFundMe Page PODCAST LINK

Slow Motion Cowboys / Pine Hill Haints

    Here is my interview with Pete Fields from the Slow Motion Cowboys and, then Jaime Barrier from The Pine Hill Haints comes in at one point to talk about Arkam Records, and Alabama, the Tennessee River, and the history of the blues. I'll include some links to music and Jaime's record label that he talks about. Who was W. C. Handy? Ever wanted to mosey down the Tennessee River? Learn more about Muscle Shoals and its role in shaping the blues? Also, learn about Pete's days in San Francisco, including stories about growing up with Jesse Thorn, the founder of Maximum Fun and the host of NPR's interview show, Bullseye. The Pine Hill Haints Slow Motion Cowboys Arkam Records

Abdi Nor Iftin in Tucson and Bisbee - GoFundMe

I will be bringing Abdi Nor Iftin to Bisbee, for my show, and for his book tour, with a date also being set up in Tucson. This will happen in September.  His publisher will not be funding this trip, so I have decided to fund it myself, keeping my community in mind. This will be a great opportunity, bringing this great writer to our town.  Abdi's story about immigrating to the US from Somalia was featured on This American Life a few weeks ago, and his new book, Call Me American, is now on the shelves.  This estimated $500 is to cover the cost of gas (I will be driving around the state with him) and the cost of the plane tickets. He will be staying with me, and with family in Phoenix, so there will be no lodging costs for him. Any additional funds I raise will go to Adbi, or to wherever he decides to send it.  Here is a link to the gofundme page: Call Me American

Birds and Arrows

  Listen to us wax lyrical about Tom Petty, chat about stories behind songs and talk about Banjo, the pampered pooch with a bigger trailer than the other dogs. What on earth am I talking about? I don't know, it's late and I'm burnt out from the day, but need to get this released by midnight. Don't worry, I'm maintaining consistency in podcast releases! Look at me go! Here is my interview with Andrea and Pete from Birds and Arrows. The two songs you here is 'Edgewood' and then 'Adrift', recorded here at the Red Mountain Property. Birds and Arrows  


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