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Nathan Hinojosa

Last month, I sat down with this young man here, and learned a lot about how much of his life is far outside of the mainstream way of thinking in this country. It was refreshing, as someone who grew up with punk rock roots, but has become very by-the-book in most aspects of life, to sit down with someone who hasn't given up and fallen into the trap of 'the matrix'. Want to know what the hell I'm talking about? Give my interview with Nathan Hinojosa a listen. We also talked about the Concert without Borders. I have included some more information about this important border concert in this post. Nathan Hinojosa Concert Without Borders NOTE: I am aware, and ashamed, as an English teacher, that I referred to 'her' in 'her story' as a pronoun. While it can be used as a pronoun, 'her' is a determiner, not a pronoun, in this sentence structure. I apologize to any pedantic grammar nerds out there. No need to send emails. Please forgive me.  

Jelle van der Munnik

  Here is my interview with a young cyclist named Jelle van der Munnik. He just recently graduated from college in his home country of The Netherlands, and decided to get on his bicycle and ride from Canada all the way to Argentina. He arrived into our little town, having already traveled through the entire USA. He crossed into Mexico at Naco, Sonora/Arizona a few weeks back and has been having a great time traveling through Sonora. Below are the links I promised I would include, as well as the video from El Imparcial TV. ¡Que impresionante este hombre! Él habla español muy bien en este entrevista en el video. Jelle van der Munnik Orange Guy on a Bike Couchsurfing Warm Showers Aquí está la enlace a ' '.  Tim es mi amigo motociclista que escribe acerca de deportes alrededor del mundo.  

David Butler - Kozmic Karma

Happy Father's Day! This is my first interview at the new Red Mountain Property Studio, at the base of the Mule Mountains here in lovely, Bisbee, Arizona. This week, I sat down with my father! David Butler, who is recording right now under the band name Kozmic Karma. I've included some links to his music on the blog page. It was a blast to talk about his journey with music over the years. We come from a multi-generational family of musicians. What deep, personal stories will we tell? Listen to find out! I've included some pictures of the new property as well. Thanks for your support! Here are the lyrics to 'Keep Your Dreams Alive': Do you get the feeling you've been here before? We live more than one life of that I'm sure And when you find that you've got a second chance You want to make the most of your past 'Cause everyone gets lost along the way Going through the motions day by day Sometimes we need to be alone To try to fi

Dan Simonis

This week I have Dan Simonis, a Bisbee local. We talked about the Southwest, tall tales and lore of the desert, and Texas. We touch on his project, the West Texas Millionaires, and he shares some stories from when he was touring with that group. Below is the video we talk about in the interview, for the song, "West Texas Town". Dan and his wife own The Courtyard, a lovely space and music venue right in the heart of Old Bisbee. Links below. The Courtyard Dan Simonis PODCAST LINK  

Bisbee En Vivo

A todos nuestros oyentes hispanohablantes... vamos a lanzar mas material que es bilingüe en adelante. Siento que es importante para mí y para la comunidad. Gracias por escuchar.

Katie Haverly

Katie Haverly is a recording artist from Tucson. We talked about the Southwest, and what can come out of you, when you hole yourself up in a cabin in the woods long enough. We also talked about the inspiration behind some of her songs, and the look, feel and mood of the music video of her song, Wreckage, off of her latest album, Pluto. She and her guitarist, Ben Nisbet, played two songs for us, including a song that hasn't been released on any album yet. What a treat! I'll provide some links on the blog, including her two upcoming shows I'm promoting (June 2018), and I'll stick in the Wreckage video. Katie Haverly - The Courtyard, Bisbee - June 22nd Katie Haverly - The Buckhorn, Pinos Altos - June 23rd