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Of Sea and Stone

  Here is my interview with Luke and Morgan from Of Sea and Stone. Make sure to visit . We spent a lovely day together, walking around Bisbee. Here's a video I captured of those two singing along with Bisbee's Blues Wizard in his music shop, and a picture of Luke and Morgan outside of the KBRP studio!

Jean Caffeine

We're heading a bit backwards this week, just to catch up on the interviews. This was my first recording for Bisbee Live. This week, I’m releasing the podcast version of my interview with Jean Caffeine, who came to Bisbee a few weeks ago to play a gig, promoting her new album Sadie Saturday Night. Sadie Saturday Night is not only her latest album release, but also the name of her one woman show about growing up in San Francisco, during the explosion of punk rock in the late 70s. Be sure to checkout and also to find out more about her music and where you can go see her show. This interview was recorded in the KBRP studio in the Bisbee Royale building, downtown.  

Leigh Lesho

This month I sat down with Leigh Lesho, a recording artist based out of Tucson. We talked about the songwriting process, her work as a yoga coach and how that ties into her experiences with softball, equine therapy for people who fall on the autism spectrum, and so much more. This is the uncut version, recorded in the KBRP studio, with the broadcast version being released on May 13th, 2018. Leigh and her work can be found at PODCAST LINK